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rodney carrington marriage tipsA? a lay minister and counselor, ? ?ave helped many couples with marriage problems. I do ?o, not coming from a secular perspective, ?ut from ? spiritual one, with the Bible as my base.

Ov?r th? years I hav? realize that mo?? and more "Christians" are ?ery in name only, wh?le th?y ?ither ?on?t understand God?s ?or?, or d?n't care t? be obedient. For context, obedience just isn't optional f?r true Christians.

The Bible say? marriage is forever, unt?l death. ?t also s?ys that t?e Lord hates divorce. (Malachi 2:16). ?nd y?t divorce is just about t?e default setting for many people experiencing marital difficulties. ?t t?? first sign of trouble, t?ey head f?r divorce court and ?fter th?t retry marriage again ma?ing use of their next "soul mate."

I am not going to elaborate for the m?ny reasons never to divorce, as that?? not the topic of this article. The issue ?sn?t the substantial damage mad? b? divorce, but if a troubled marriage m?ght be saved.

Rhetorically, ?? ?very marriage is uniquely ?ifferent, th? question ?f ?f a marriage m?ght be saved ha? to be asked us?ng specific specifics ?f the discord, ?ight? No, data is of little importance for individuals wh? bel?eve. Yes, t?ey a?e the mitigating circumstances of ou? o?n trouble, how?ver in terms of solving the situation, the? ma? be irrelevant.

Secular marriage counselors ?ould, needless t? say, disagree. ?hey?ve gone to college, they?ve had specialized training, t?ey?re licensed ?y the ?tate, ?tc., so they know best --- ?r do they? Let?s t?y anot?er rhetorical question. If secular marriage counselors ?r? ?ery ?ood at th??r business, ?hy ?ill t?ey alm??t alway? fail? ?t be?t, most is only abl? to ma?? ?our subsequent divorce ?ess traumatic. ?ut in terms of saving marriages, mo?t have ? virtually perfect failure rate. ?hy?

?ecause they'?e "treating" ?n indicator, not t?? source. To the ?oint, when we a?e causing trouble of t?eir marriage, t?ey m?y be reall? experiencing ? p?oblem wit? God, ?hich?? ?n issue secular marriage counselors ?on?t touch with a t?n-foot-pole.

If ever??ne ?ould ?? as God instructs ?n ??s holy Wor?, no marriage w?uld ever lead t? divorce. ?t is ?nly wheneve? ?? fail to obey ?im that problem? arise. In this light, w? m?st understand t?at as rig?t with Him, we ar? right wit? th?s spouse a???.

Exposing th? difference ?etween the secular ?? well as the spiritual, ?ill ? secular marriage counselor ?ause you t? a guarantee t?at your marriage is going t? b? saved? N?, ?? won?t. He can?t! Will ?, or ot?e? tr?ly Christian marriage counselor make this type ?f promise? Y??. I st?t? categorically, if ??ur couple wi?l obey God?s commandments, t?eir marriage, ?t doe?n't matter ??at shape it?s ?n, can, and ?ill p?obably ?? saved.

If ?ou are ? Christian, but ne?ertheless have doubt, let m? ask ? secular question to generate m? spiritual point. ??u ?elieve God mad? t?? heavens wit? but ?ust one t?oug?t understanding th?t He raised H?s crucified ?on f?om your bowels of death, and gave H?m life wher? t?ere was none -- why then ?ould you question t?at ?e can conserve y?ur marriage? Doing so is entire?y illogical. That would be analogous to trusting ? heart surgeon using y?ur transplant, then doubting ?e h?s t?e ability t? bandage your superficially cut finger.

"But Jesus checked out them and thought to them, "?ith men th?s is impossible, though God t?ings ar? possible." (Matthew 19:26 NKJV) This promise is repeated during the entire Bible. For example, "?or wit? God not?ing will probably be impossible." (Luke 1:37)

Paraphrasing Scripture; saving a really troubled marriage is virtually impossible if you do not turn to God.

I am not making light of marriage problems, because they are absolutely nothing to laugh at. The secular and spiritual loss to married individuals headed for divorce court may be catastrophic. And I am most certainly not implying that saving a wedding is an easy proposition, given it?s not.

But the bottom-line is the bottom-line, so let me give you the "secret" to my fail-safe marriage guarantee: If your marriage is within trouble, seek God. "Ask, and it will ?robably ?? given to ?ou; seek, and y?u m?y find; knock, ?nd it is go?ng t? b? opened for ?ou." (Matthew 7:7)

All marriages, regardless how troubled, could be saved. "?f ?ou abide ?n ?e, ?nd My w?rds abide insi?e ?ou, you wi?l ask what ?ou desire, al?? it shall b? accomplished f?r you." (John 15:7)

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